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Why Am I A Christian Scientist?


 by Herbert W. Eustace

“In March, 1927, a Conference was held in San Francisco of those who had been through class with me.  This meeting traced the Line of Light from Eve to Science and Health.

In February, 1929, another Conference was held in San Francisco, and established, Why am I a Christian Scientist?

There has been a demand that the addresses made at these two Conferences be printed.  I saw no way, however, for this to be done, as I had no notes whatever myself, but when I found that there had been taken and were in circulation some very full and excellent stenographic and other notes, I decided that it might be of value, especially at this time, to publish these addresses.

With these notes before me I have filled them in, and I think have covered virtually every point that came up at the meetings.

Whatever value these pages may have to their reader, that value will be permanent only as it takes him to the source of all intelligence, the one Mind, and in communion with that one Mind, points him to the true purpose and value of Science and Health.

It was my first thought that the one who had so carefully prepared some of these notes should be the one to publish them, but the objection was raised that if I did not prepare them there might be a question as to their authorship; hence I am publishing them myself.

I am adding the article on Plagiarism, which I have just written, because it seems to me to be timely.”

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Mr. Eustace’s book “The Line of Light” is the next major step (after the Great Litigation) in Christian Science progress. Starting with Adam, progressing through the prophets, Jesus and the Disciples, through to the gathering of the Tribes of Israel in the British Isles,  "to appear under the still newer name America, the United States of America." (p. 28)  The pressure of Truth continued until the purifying of the Nation, the Civil War.  With this purification, the nation was ready to accept "Science and Health".

“Why Am I A Christian Scientist?” states the Starting Point in metaphysics–“the fact of your own conscious being, conscious existence;  not what you are conscious of or how you are conscious, but the simple, self-evident fact that you consciously exist—that you know you are.  All can agree on this starting point as a good basis from which to begin, because it is something you know of yourself and is not dependent on anything apart from your own knowledge.”
(p. 97).

“Why Am I A Christian Scientist?” states the danger of belief, quoting Mrs. Eddy’s “Principle and Practice”, which is included in a tab on this website.  Mr. Eustace also mentions the danger of  “getting in a third” in your thought.

“Plagiarism” refutes "the absurd accusations on that score, then being levelled at Mrs. Eddy." 
(P. 997 CCT-OV)

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